Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to help you become a better hockey player!

1) Holding your top hand firm and bottom hand loose allows for more power, control and movement. 

2) Dangle Hockey Wax prevents ice and snow build-up on your hockey stick, giving better puck control.

3) Always keep pucks frozen until you are using it to play.

4) Having active rest days lead to a quicker recovery.

5) Having mobility routines helps to increase hockey skills.

6) Storing tape in a hotter temperature can ruin the adhesive of the tape.

7) After taping your stick remember to smooth your tape with a Dangles Wax this will help the longevity of your tape job.

8) The Heel curve stick blade is popular for defensemen and best for high-velovity shots.

9) Mid-Curve stick blade is best for all types of shots.

10) Toe curve stick blade is most common among forwards and quick-release shots.

11) Toe curve blade helps with puck handling and control.

12) Open-face blade is better for rebounds and higher shots.

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